Top 5 Marketing Essentials For Your Business

Business-MarketingStumped on how to market your home business? Check out these top 5 marketing essentials that can help you get your brand out there in the market.

Identifying your brand

What is your brand? What products or services are you offering? Who will be your potential customers? Addressing these questions will enable you to quickly classify your business and help you develop your brand.

Identifying your brand informs your business clients about who you are. Your marketing efforts should revolve around building and promoting your story you want to tell about your business. Will you be known for your high-quality products or excellent customer service? Who would be your target audience? Single moms? Young professionals? Small business owners?

In identifying your brand, make sure you take note about what makes you stand out from the competition.

Honing your pitch

When you have identified your brand, you must be ready for all the unofficial occasions when you’ll have the opportunity to present and promote your business. A good, but brief business pitch is necessary, which can open doors for you and enable potential clients to remember you as a sharp, professional and capable business owner.

During this brief pitch, a summary of your business must be delivered on spot and direct to the point. The summary must describe why you are unique and what are your immediate goals.  Tailor your pitch around your target audience and bear in mind the concerns and thoughts of your listener. Once the conversation has ended, ensure that your audience has the right contact information about you or your business.

Using marketing tools

Sure, you’ve identified your brand and created a good, concise pitch. But you still need to promote your business through a range of marketing tools that can reinforce your business identity and provide your target customers something that’s tangible to remember you by.

Check out these tools that can assist you in your business promotional efforts:

Business cards

Business cards are essential marketing tools that can help get the word out about your business. Get creative with your business cards that detail your name, business name, business address, website, email address, business logo, social media profiles and other pertinent information where customers can get in touch with you. Your business cards should be simple, yet appealing enough to make a lasting impression.

Business logo

A professional logo represents your brand identity and style. Your logo will be seen everywhere, in your business cards, your office, and in your website and social media profiles.


Having an official company website is key to informing your customers that you are a valid business. Customers who are looking to purchase something are more apt to check online to see prices and availability. Plus, having a website that has a search engine optimized content is better in ensuring about the online visibility of your business.

Other marketing materials such as posters, flyers, postcards

Who says posters and flyers are outdated? In business, you need all the help you can get. Promotional posters provides the exposure your business needs. These marketing handouts raise awareness about your brand, communicate your goals, and tell your story.

Having a social media presence

Most businesses are already engaged on social media. Social media sites act as platforms for business owners that enable them to have a direct interaction with their customers. It’s a different kind of word-of-mouth marketing that’s easy, profitable and allows for reaching out to people outside of your network. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest are some of the social media sites you can use to market your business.

Getting mentorship

Starting and developing a business still pose challenges even for the most experienced business owner. There are still business obstacles you will experience no matter how prepared or knowledgeable you are in business. Getting trusted mentors is key to helping you go through the daily flow of business.

Whether it’s through your own network or SCORE (Service Corps of Retired Executives), you can obtain free or low-cost counsel about your business activities and continuing goals. Mentors may provide fresh perspectives by sharing about their own experiences and help minimize your risk of putting your time, money and efforts into something that’s unfit for your business.